Community Wellbeing Survey Walkthrough – May 2017…

Shore to Thrive’s work is all about supporting community connections and strengthening relationships to enhance the lives of local people and it can only happen when we work with other community-minded people. William, the owner of Bella Monte Café on Williamson Ave, is one of these people. He welcomed Shore to Thrive to use his space one evening in May and helped us turn it upside down so we could share findings from our survey and gather thoughts on priority actions to take together, as well as anything that had been missed.

We called it a Walk Through as we had the findings summarized on posters that guests could stroll along and get a sense of what was said as they chatted with new and old friends. Children’s play areas with toys borrowed from the Bayswater Playgroup, face painting (thank you Maddy!) and pizza helped entertain smaller children, while older kids added their thoughts alongside those of the 40 adults who came along.

Priority Areas

Key areas of priority that emerged from the evening were developing initiatives to assist those experiencing financial hardship, to improve local community identity and to increase the safety of children around our roads.

Almost immediately, momentum developed around the safety of children on Bayswater Ave. There is also energy for a local community food initiative to bring people together.

More detail on the survey and the feedback can be found here & here. Pics from the event are here.

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