Shore to Thrive has been the strengths based and community led partnership project between Auckland North Community and Development Inc. (ANCAD) and the Takapuna Methodist Church (TMC). Shore to Thrive has been all about bringing people together, fermenting locally led change and positive outcomes in partnership with local people. About supporting community connections and strengthening relationships to enhance the wellbeing of children and whānau in North Shore communities.

This short video talks about the partnership, some of its notable initiatives and achievements…

The work emerged from the Let the Children Live research project conducted in 2015. This piece of research looked at the question “How have preventative, strengths-based community-based practices, activities and approaches successfully changed child poverty and child abuse?” A review provided a snapshot of successful community-based practices that have enhanced child wellbeing in areas similar to the North Shore. The review found little that directly discussed poverty in more wealthy areas and little evaluation of the community-based approaches that were profiled.

Community Development Worker, Stephen McLuckie, was recruited to explore and apply community-based and community led approaches that aligned with this kaupapa. Stephen has been supported by a Kaitiaki or guardianship group consisting of representatives from TMC, ANCAD and Denise Bijoux from Catalyse. The initiative has been active from February 2016 through to December 2019. The North Shore suburbs of Bayswater and Belmont have been the primary focus of many of the activities. From the outset there was felt most traction and opportunities here relating to the spirit of the approach. Initiatives have also been supported in Northcote and Takapuna, activating individual and community resources in ways that grow generosity, connections and social capital.

Three principles have underpinned the work of Shore to Thrive:

  • Activities fit if they naturally create spaces and opportunity for people to come together, strengthen relationships and connection.
  • The focus on the wellbeing of children also means the upskilling and support of parents, wider whānau and the local community.
  • Activities that are planned are done so in partnership and rely, as far as is possible, on the strengths, assets and enthusiasm of the local community.

The Impact

The work of Shore to Thrive has been all about partnership and collaboration, working with and supporting generous, caring, passionate people who want to make their local communities better places for everyone to be in. The Shore to Thrive partnership has supported dozens of people powered projects and initiatives that have had a positive impact upon our local communities. The two most notable activities that have emerged from this community-led development informed approach have been Repair Café Auckland and the Kaitahi Bayswater Community Dinners.

Repair Café Auckland has been a project in partnership with the Devonport Community Recycling Centre team, Global Action Plan Oceania. The monthly Kaitahi Bayswater Community Dinners has seen Shore to Thrive partnering with Karavan Delicatessen, the Bayswater Community Committee and the Devonport Peninsula Trust utilising rescued food supplied by KiwiHarvest & other local businesses.

During 2016-19 Shore to Thrive has supported dozens of different community activities, meetings and events. The initiative has had a significant impact locally, touching the lives of thousands of people in the Devonport-Takapuna area and further afield.

Some notable highlights and achievements include:

  • Kaitahi Bayswater is a free, monthly people powered community dinner, bringing locals together to create and share a meal made from rescued food. Shore to Thrive supported 23 Kaitahi Bayswater Community Dinners from July 2017 bringing together around 2500 people.

  • The Repair Café Auckland partnership with Global Action Plan Oceania expanded from Bayswater across Tāmaki Makaurau due to its popularity. 35 Repair Cafe Events have been supported from Matakana to Papakura. Repair Cafes bring people together, share skills, save people money and reduce the amount of material heading off to landfill. The partnership received the Auckland Community Zero Waste – Power to the People Award in August 2018.

  • Seven Clothes Share events took place at Bayswater School, An Opp Shop without money for the School community led by school parent, Bridget Swan. Families hand in clothes they no longer need and an open invitation to all goes out to come and have a rummage. Tea, coffee & conversation also flows, over 1000 items of clothing found new homes.

  • The Ngataringa Rat Pack, part of the Restoring Takarunga Hauraki initiative, combined pest control and monitoring, a litter clean up and playground pit stops around Ngataringa Bay. 22 Pest Control Walks around the line of bait stations along the coast at Ngataringa Bay bringing a committed group of young and old locals together to progress environmental action. Rat Pack Leader, Graham Pitts, was a finalist in 2019’s Mayoral Conservation Awards.

  • A Bayswater & Belmont Community Wellbeing Survey, conducted in November 2016, on local people’s thoughts about their experiences of living in Bayswater & Belmont. 291 people participated, about 6.5% of the local adult population. The survey was conducted to inform future activities supported by Shore to Thrive & provide basslines for future comparison.

  • Facilitating Community input to Auckland Transport on the safety of children on Bayswater Ave. Supporting local parents. Community Meetings. All Bayswater School Years 5 & 6 children submitted on the consultation and the school Travelwise team presented to the Devonport Takapuna Local Board. A new local pedestrian crossing is scheduled to be built on Bayswater Ave in 2020.

  • Partnership with a number of passionate local people, groups and businesses on the development of Zero Waste Devonport and Zero Waste Belmont, community led waste minimisation movements on the Devonport Peninsula bringing people together to act on this issue. In Belmont a survey of 166 locals was conducted on opportunities relating to this kaupapa. #TakeYourOwn Belmont Container and volunteer-led Zero Waste Tote Bag initiatives were supported begun.

  • Supporting a Bayswater student led restorative planting project, bringing community together to revitalise the school’s southern boundary with native flora to attract New Zealand birds and insects – 850 trees and shrubs now form, Te Korowai o Papatūānuku, Rua Mano, Tekau mā Iwa – The Earth’s Cloak 2019.

  • Working with the Kaipātiki Environment Project to support a Bayswater student led Fruit Tree Orchard project on the School Grounds.

  • Involvement with Placemaking Week Tāmaki Makaurau – A series of community-led activations in public spaces across Auckland in 2018 & 2019. Shore to Thrive supported activities that brought people together to reimagine local public spaces in Bayswater & Belmont. These included Welcoming the Godwits and Beautifying Belmont Centre.

At its heart, the work aimed to enable and empower local people. It asked how caring and connected communities come together and have a positive influence on some of the complex issues affecting the lives of local people?


• TMC approaches ANCAD about working together on a CLD partnership, dialogue begins – Aug 2014
• Research conducted on “How have preventative, strengths-based community-based practices, activities & approaches successfully changed child poverty and child abuse?” – May 2015
• ToR between the organisations agreed & initial three-year partnership planned – Dec 2015
• Recruitment of Shore to Thrive Community Development Worker – Feb 2016
• Local Area Asset Mapping Exercise – Feb > May 2016
• Initial focus on Bayswater/Belmont based on assets and opportunities that emerge – May 2016
• The first Bayswater Clothes Share – July 2016
• The first Bayswater Repair Cafe – July 2016
• Bayswater & Belmont Community Wellbeing Survey – Nov 2016
• Successful $40,000 Repair Café Auckland application to Auckland Council’s WMIF – Dec 2016
• Bayswater & Belmont Community Wellbeing Survey Walkthrough Event – May 2017
• The first Kaitahi Bayswater Community Dinner – Sept 2017
• Shore to Thrive Kaitiaki group agrees to project continuation & to seek additional partners – Jan 2018
• Repair Café Auckland receives an Auckland Community Zero Waste Award – July 2018
• Te Korowai o Papatūānuku Native Planting at Bayswater School – June 2019
• Zero Waste Belmont receives a Auckland Community Zero Waste Runner-up Award – July 2019
• Kaitahi Bayswater’s 2nd Birthday Dinner – Sept 2019


An evaluation of Shore to Thrive was conducted by independent evaluator, Kathryn Nemec, late in 2019 so that the guiding Kaitiaki Group could learn about the effectiveness of the partnership in contributing to the guiding principles. The executive summary of that evaluation is accessible HERE.