Shore to Thrive is a partnership project between Auckland North Community and Development and the Takapuna Methodist Church. The focus is on supporting community connections and strengthening relationships to enhance the lives of local people. It’s about developing strengths based and community led approaches to improving the wellbeing of families and children in North Shore Communities.

Shore to Thrive is coordinated by Stephen McLuckie and the project is now into its second year. Local community conversations led to a primary focus on Bayswater and Belmont. We felt there was an appropriate level of community readiness for this type of work here. There were also many enthusiastic people to work with on opportunities that aligned with the approach.

Three principles underpin work that is undertaken:

  • Activities fit if they naturally create spaces and opportunity for people to come together, strengthen relationships and connection.
  • The focus on the wellbeing of children also means the upskilling and support of parents, wider whanau and the local community.
  • Activities that are planned are done so in partnership & rely, as far as possible, on the strengths, assets and enthusiasm of the local community.

Our Impact

Shore to Thrive, through various events, projects and initiatives, has had a significant local impact. Over 700 people in the Devonport Takapuna Area in 2016-17 have been involved.

This total includes:

  • Over 200 people who were directly involved in the two local Repair Café events.
  • 20 or so locals who were involved with Bayswater and Takapuna Re-New Mothers programmes
  • 50 or so people at the two Clothes Shares
  • 291 who participated in the Community Wellbeing Survey
  • 120 or so young people who were involved in the Heart for Youth Peer Mentoring at TGS.

We aim to build on the momentum generated through the first year’s activities and to increase local involvement, participation and leadership. At its heart this work aims to enable and empower local people. It asks how caring and connected communities can come together and have a positive influence on the lives of local people.