Shore to Thrive was the strengths based and community led partnership project between Auckland North Community and Development Inc. and the Takapuna Methodist Church. Shore to Thrive worked with generous, caring, passionate people motivated to make their local communities more connected and better places for everyone to be in.

The partnership spanned February 2016 through until December 2019 and was mainly active in the North Shore of Auckland suburbs of Bayswater and Belmont. Shore to Thrive brought people together, supported locally led change and positive outcomes in partnership with local people.

The organisations behind Shore to Thrive are delighted with what was achieved locally and acknowledge the incredible people who made things happen. Both partners will continue to seek to support community led development in the communities Shore to Thrive was active in.

An evaluation of Shore to Thrive was conducted by independent evaluator, Kathryn Nemec, late in 2019 so that the guiding Kaitiaki Group could learn about the effectiveness of the partnership. The executive summary of that evaluation is accessible HERE. If you would like to get in touch with the partners you can do so by emailing: &