Repair Cafe Bayswater – March 2017…

The end of March 2017 saw Bayswater’s second Repair Café, it was lots of fun, a ton of things got fixed and lots of great local connections were made. Repair Cafes are community events where you can get your stuff assessed and (hopefully) fixed by local community experts. An activity made possible by the amazing skills and generosity of local people and the fact that they are so willing to share their talents and expertise to help those around them. It’s all about bringing people together, sharing skills, saving people money and reducing the amount of material that ends up in landfill.

Every place and Repair Café is different, of course and there have been some particular highlights for us: Goina’s dancing cat being repaired by Jerome, for example, brought an amazing level of joy and entertainment to a worrying number of people! And Zane’s wizardry on the industrial sewing machine resulted in all of the school’s road patrol high-viz jackets and one of the school’s tear drop banners being fixed.

It was awesome that we were joined by Jordan and Antoinette from Happen Films. They are currently filming a feature-length documentary called Living the Change. Living the change will showcase and demonstrate inspiring and sustainable community initiatives, it’s fantastic that our Repair Cafe will feature.

Repair Success

We’d conservatively estimate that we saved local people over $5,000 and kept at least 42 items from heading off to landfill over the course of the three hours. About 20 amazingly skilled and generous repairers made this happen. We made sure the praise, acknowledgement, cake and coffee kept flowing for our repair wizards! There were a whole heap of other positive community outcomes on top of that perhaps best summed up by feedback from one of the Repair Cafe visitors: “Everybody here, it’s like they’re part of a whole family”.

People in Auckland keen on running a Repair Cafe in their own neighbourhood can find out more here.

Thanks go out to all of the volunteer repair experts who shared their time, skills and knowledge. Thanks also to Global Action Plan Oceania, Bayswater School, Resource Rescue, Blackleg Woodworks, Bella Monte Cafe, Tumeke Cycle Space, Bisikleta, Ikes in Devonport and the fine crew from the Takapuna Methodist Church. Auckland Council have also supported this initiative through the Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund.

More pictures from the event can be viewed here.

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