Month of Mothers – May 2017…

May is known for Mother’s Day and in Bayswater that lasted all month! Once a week during May, the Bayswater School Hall became the home of a celebration of local wahine that encouraged women to better care for themselves, have fun, make friends and build community connections. They also raised an astonishing $954 towards the school’s Year Four and Five camping trip.

The initiative was the inspired idea of school mum, Janelle Taege who, aware of fundraising fatigue, was keen to find a more engaging way of raising money for the school camp. She hit upon the idea of sharing local knowledge, skills and talents so fundraising was a key part of the initiative but far from the only focus. Every Wednesday evening through the month, for $10 a session, local mums could be treated to the skills and talents of different school community parents. Vouchers were made available as Mother’s Day gifts.

Sharing and togetherness

Over the month, about 40 school mums were involved in yoga, pilates, dance and fitness courtesy of Ines, Meg and Jenna. The final Wednesday was a celebration focused on sharing and togetherness that brought together about 30 school wahine. It included advice from a local homeopath, nutritionist and physiotherapist; hand and chair massages; clothes sharing from Roundabout and waiata from local Kapa Haka group Aru Waiherere. Entry to this last evening was by koha so cost was not a barrier to participation.

As well as being a fabulous example of Community led action focussed on improving community wellbeing, the Month of Mothers, tapped into the available strengths, assets and enthusiasm of the local community. As a wonderful added bonus, the sessions generated business for some of the mum’s Massage and physiotherapy businesses. Tu Meke Waikokoru!

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