Kaitahi Bayswater – A new home and a Christmas Barbeque – December 2018…

We’re so pleased that Kaitahi Bayswater has found a welcoming new home at Bayswater School. Yesterday evening 120 local people came together to share and enjoy a free festive BBQ. Kaitahi Bayswater is a people powered feast that is all about bringing the community together to share a meal made from rescued food.

We have a long list of thank yous starting with the amazing people who volunteered. We came together and prepared the feast from 10am. A Phenomenal effort.

Huge thanks as always to our friends from KiwiHarvest, Wild Wheat, Global Action Plan Oceania, Devonport Peninsula Trust & New World Devonport. Thanks to Bayswater School, particularly fabulous Principal, Lindsay Child, for generously hosting us and to Bayswater Kelly Club for so happily accommodating us during our preparations.

Thanks to local residents, Paul & Joe for strumming some beautiful tunes and singing for us. So toe tapping good in fact that we had some spontaneous dance floor action.

Awesome impromptu Performance from some of the tamariki from the school Kapa Haka crew, including the fantastic Baby Shark dance finish! Well done to Gabby for running the raffle that raised $125 for the Auckland City Mission.

So cool to bring 120 people together to share a festive feed made from rescued food and in such a friendly and relaxed vibe. The Kaitahi Bayswater Dinners are a great example of people coming together in their community to help others. Others they may not know at the beginning of the event but who they’re certainly well acquainted with by the end.

The dinners have brought together a wide cross section of the local community. People from very different backgrounds sitting down together and sharing a meal. They have become a big part of local community life with friendships forming and revitalised relationships

Dinners will take place on the third Tuesday of the month from 6.30pm to 8.30pm in the Bayswater School Hall from March 2019 and Everyone is welcome! This is a local initiative supported by the Bayswater Community Committee, the Devonport Peninsula Trust and Shore to Thrive. Merry Christmas all, have a great summer and we’ll get back together again in 2019…

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