Bayswater School Restorative Planting – Te Korowai o Papatūānuku – June 2019…

A Bayswater School Student led restoration project. Such a fabulous journey involving the mahi of lots of awesome people and community groups over the last few months.

The Macrocarpas that lined the school’s southern ridge along Roberts Ave had to be felled during the summer for safety reasons. A group of local people including the new Restoring Takarunga Hauraki Coordinator, Lance Cablk, came together to replace them and at the same time help fulfill the School Council children’s dream of attracting more native birds and insects and creating an area of beauty for the school and neighbours to enjoy.

The area will come to be known as Te Korowai o Papatūānuku, Rua Mano, Tekau mā Iwa (The Earth’s Cloak 2019). A name developed by the school’s te reo teacher, Whaea Talia, and agreed to by the School Council. The School Council asked for the date to be added so that they might stamp their own mark on the project!

The Project became part of the school’s Matariki activities. The planting of trees is a traditional way of celebrating the Māori New Year as new trees signal new beginnings. On Friday 21st of June every Bayswater child had the opportunity to plant a tree or shrub.

The plantings were joyful experiences. The children loved them. Bayswater Principal, Lindsay Child, and other teachers observed many did not want to go back to their classes! We had spontaneous help from tamariki during break times and even after school. Parents were given the option to arrive at any point that was convenient for them during the day and pull their child out of class so that they could plant together.

On Saturday the 22nd some children returned with their parents and we welcomed some friends and neighbours from the local community to help too.

Altogether 850 trees, shrubs and grasses have been planted so far with a few more yet to come.

All brought together by the amazing Bayswater School Community, Restoring Takarunga Hauraki, Devonport Takapuna Local Board, Recreational Services, Kaipātiki Environment Project, Trees That Count, Devonport Peninsula Trust, Global Action Plan Oceania, North Shore Forest & Bird, Bayswater Community Committee, Devonport Peninsula Precincts & Shore to Thrive.

Additional photography courtesy of Kathryn Nobbs Photography, Grant Gillon & Lance Cablk.

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