Zero Waste Belmont – Community Zero Waste Award – July 2019…

A tremendous result that Zero Waste Belmont was a runner up at last month’s Auckland Zero Waste Awards. Here is the fabulous Ann Langis after accepting the prize in the Fair On All Fronts category. The category recognises innovative community or social enterprises that are converting waste into resources and improving social, environmental and local economic outcomes.

Thanks to the amazing Kaipātiki Project for organising, to the judges and to all the local people who have been part of making this happen in our community over the last 12 months

Zero Waste Belmont is a Community Driven Initiative, that has been supported by Shore to Thrive, that is working towards the neighbourhood becoming a Zero Waste Community. Passionate local residents, concerned about the amount of waste in their community, especially plastic waste are driving the initiative. ZWB want a clean and safe local environment, a vibrant and connected community free from litter. They are working with other locals and businesses to minimise waste, reduce consumption of resources, support reuse whenever possible and maximise recycling.

In the last twelve months the group has…

  • Conducted a Survey of 166 local people on their attitudes to waste. Results showed at least 80% of people responding supportively to the various Zero Waste initiatives suggested. The results of this survey can be viewed here.
  • Held meetings in partnership with the Devonport Community Recycling Centre with local businesses looking to reduce their waste and worked with them on their environmental impact.
  • Launched a local #TakeYourOwn container campaign. Six local businesses are now involved actively encouraging people to bring their own takeaway containers when buying food to take away.
  • Co-hosted the ‘Beautifying Belmont’ event during Tāmaki Makaurau Placemaking Week in October 2018, transforming public space and bringing local people together.
  • Partnered with Katja from the Katelyn & Co Upcycling Studio to launch the Zero Waste Belmont Tote Bag. The bags have been created with fabric that would otherwise have been tossed to landfill. Nearly 200 bags have been shared through the local community.
  • Partnered with Meals in Steel to offer high quality, stainless steel lunch boxes and bottles at discounted rates as a fundraiser for Bayswater School. Dozens of boxes have been purchased reducing the use of brittle and short-lived plastic alternatives locally.

The Zero Waste Belmont team and local friends came together to celebrate the recognition of the local waste minimising successes during the last year at the Belmont Bar this week. Hat tip to Gilda and our Belmont Bar hosts and to Marie from Archers Sushi for the delicious kai.

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